Cylinder repairs and repairs of intermediate products/ components

Our repair shop restores hydraulic cylinders to working condition within a reasonably period irrespective of whether they are designed by us or another company. During the repair our employees routinely check the cylinder construction as a matter of course for possibilities of improvement. It must be noted that according to RUHFUS philosophy no QUICK SHOTS are carried out without the involvement of the customer. Compromises with materials, dimensions or seals are only made in agreement with our customer. Often enough it happens that for reasons of time cylinders can only be repaired provisionally and new components have to be produced. In all cases the time up to the definitive repair is responsibly agreed and observed.

This cylinder ahd been running for several years in a steel mill in splash conditions and with industrial water

After complex and precise repair this cylinder is restored.

It is sometimes very difficult to disassemble such cylinders.

Conditions of cylinders are sometimes terrible.

The rod can only be repaired by metall coating.

Some parts are beyond repair, but…

New nuts are built and required.

Rod preparation for repair.