For almost 115 years and with over 100 qualified employees, RUHFUS Systemhydraulik has been developing and producing high-precision, complex hydraulic systems as well as medium and large hydraulic cylinders that are supplied to almost all corners of the globe.

With a technologically highly sophisticated machine park, almost all system hydraulics and valve production requirements for internally or externally manufactured hydraulic cylinders and rotationally symmetrical long parts can be excellently met.

As a specialized genernalist, we are particularly concerned with the provision of ready-to-install products, regardless of the environments and loads in which our precision products are used. They prove their worth even in aggressive media such as salt water, heat, radiation or in failure-critical, fast-running areas.

And there is hardly no industry in which we are not at home. All over the world.

To realise the perfect product, you need more than just knowledge of individual specifications. Knowledge of the industry, the specific applications and requirements and of the environmental conditions is crucial when developing a product that’s to be highly reliable and long-lasting.

It’s also important to demonstrate determination and intelligence, because our corporate motto is “We raise quality to a new level”.

More than 100 years in business.

Based in the German city Neuss, the RUHFUS Group is active all over the world. And with our affiliates in middle east and RUHFUS INDIA, our opportunities in Asia are also very excellent.

And internationally certified since 1996