Energy Supply

An efficient and secure power supply is becoming increasingly important for our world. Whether in hydroelectric power, in the wind sector, in conventional and nuclear power plants, in energy storage.

Ruhfus is at home in all these sectors and is happy to offer itself for further challenges.

                          Dams and Water Reservoirs

Servo motors for turbine blade adjustment

Dams are always critical projects. The hydromechanics of a dam must function always and at all times over many years. Failure of the hydromechanics may lead to large-scale catastrophes.

As the hydromechanics is always operated in the direct vicinity of drinking water, here too the highest demands are made on the safety of the sealing systems.
Only perfection in the design and manufacture can guarantee the long-term functioning of the dams.
Servomotors (function-optimised hydraulic cylinders) and the highest quality units secure this requirement.


Development and realization of 12 hydraulic cylinders including the control units.

Project realisation 2014 in South Asia


Dimensions Piece Dam Country Year
280/125 x 1550
200/125 x 1440
Ekbatan Iran 2007
Emerency- and
380/140 x 330 2 Vanyar Iran 2007
280/140 x 6630
280/140 x 4800

ZaHung Kraftwerk Vietnam 2008
Intakegate 550/200 x 11600 4 Gotvand Iran 2009
Spillwaygate 320/125 x 5600 10 Sangtuda2 Iran 2009
Spillwaygate 420/240 x 10960 4 Gotvand Iran  2011
Intakegate 230/110 x 6000 2 Frades II Portugal 2013
360/200 x 2800
400/250 x 2500


Nysa II Poland 2013
Radial Spillwaygate 200/100 x 4600 12 Hirvi Dam Iran 2014
Flatgate (Underwater) 160/110 x 1580 2 Klodnica II Poland 2014
Floodgate 360/200 x 2600 10 Nysa II Poland 2014


Wind Power

In the field of power generation wind power as a renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role.

The wind turbines needed are built in various ways.
The most complex and at the same time most reliable way is the adjustment of the rotor blades with the aid of hydraulic cylinders (pitch cylinders).

This is also something that Ruhfus is involved in.


Thousand of cylinder bodies are manufactured for wind turbines

Storage Technology

Energy provision at any time, in any situation and in high density is a requirement of our industries.

So-called piston gas accumulators are used in high performance presses, high voltage emergency stop switches, pressure moulding and injection moulding machines,... even in roller coasters.
The tubes for these come from Ruhfus, in large quantities, in excellent inside surface qualities and always order-specific in length and diameter. Just as the customer needs them.
Forward-looking stockpiling, sophisticated production logistics, consistently high production quality, secure batch retraceability and routine in processing are here key criteria that our customers have appreciated for many decades.

Piston accumulators with high precision tubes by Ruhfus