Port & Shipbuilding

Ruhfus is well involved in critical applications of shipbuilding. We are proud that we can regularely gain reputed projects which shows Ruhfus abilities.

Salvaging the Kursk in 2001 is such a project as is also equipping the “Ship of the year 2011”.

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Fortunately cases like the raising of the “Kursk” do not occur often. However when such short-notice and highly demanding actions as the construction of many more than 100 cylinders in less than 8 weeks for the salvage action of this submarine is involved, Ruhfus is the right place to go.

Realization in the shortest time of well over 100 wave compensation cylinders of the difficult salvage operation of the Russian submarine "Kursk





Tungsten carbide coated piston rods for most aggressive media

Brigde tensioning cylinders 

Water Technology

In the area of locks, shipping and bridges Ruhfus is not yet often represented. However there is still one flagship project or the other in this area.

J Lay Towership for deposition of pipelines in oceans extremly demanding, designed and suitable for minus 40 degrees Celsius.


Crane cylinder for Russian nuclear driven ice breaker - SEVMORPUT -