Welding work is carried out on a 2-station gantry robot, a fully automated long welding system, a semi-automated welding machine and also manually by qualified welders.

On the long welding system liners up to 16,000 mm (with a bit of effort 18,000 mm) can be joined with circumferential welds with no problem. In the process the liners to be welded together are aligned rectilinearly to under 2 mm to each other.

Cladding on piston rods, rod guides, pistons and liner internal fits is possible on this long welding system.

Highly strong and precise welding device for circumferential welding of long tubes and components

The operation has the manufacturer qualifications for welding to DIN EN ISO 3834 - 2 as well as certification to AD 2000 Merkblatt HP 0. DNV or Germanischer Lloyd certification is planned.

Our welders are regularly externally certified and have passed all the necessary DIN EN 287-1 welding tests.
The welding work carried out in our company is always based on AD 2000 HP 0 or DIN EN ISO 15614 Part 1 procedure tests.
Procedure tests are also available for many steels (steel designations still to be inserted!) Evidence of other procedure tests is given individually according to the requirements where necessary.

In addition to complete component production including the welding work we are also happy to carry out pure welding work on a contract basis for our customers.


Robotic welding on two stations

Automatic SA/TIG (prepared for MAG)

Outside Ø mm
Length mm

16.000 (18.000)

TIG/ SA welded tubes

Excess penetration in the inside diameter < 0.5 mm.

Robot MAG (2 Stations) - very suitable for recurring high numbers of pieces

Outside Ø mm
Length mm




Additive manufacturing of extruder tubes (stainless steel)

MIG / MAG Industrial Welding

CNC-controlled welding (MIG/MAG)

TIG/ SA Welding

Thick-walled tubes up to 15 m

Joining and welding of two 7 m tubes for long stroke cylinders

The company has a round and longitudinal seam welding machine up to 16 (18) metre tube length available. Welding is as a rule carried out on this system in the SA and TIG process. The system is however in principle also designed for the MAG/ MIG welding process.

Butt welds and fillet welds can also be carried out.
The system is also suitable for components from Ø 60 mm to Ø 1,200 mm and up to a total length of 16 (18) metres. The swing diameter on this system is Ø 1600 mm.

Larger component lengths and diameters can also be completed on request with modifications.

We can demonstrate particular know-how on this system when welding two tubes without backing and without butt gaps.

Metal Arc Welding

In rare cases manual metal arc welding is necessary on complicated contours and applications. Corresponding expertise is available.