Power units & Control Systems

Power packs for operation of dams, locks, sluices

Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH specialises in the production of special solutions in the field of hydraulic units for industrial use. In order to be able to optimise the product to meet your requirements, you will be supported during the whole project phase by our competent team.

Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH can supply hydraulic units with tank sizes of up to 10,000 litres capacity. For this we use DIN oil tanks but also special tanks that are individually adapted to your needs. Here it is immaterial whether the oil tank is made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium. For special designs such as table valves, tank support frames, supporting structures for motor pump units and many more special components connected with your hydraulic unit we are of course likewise the right people to contact.

For each of our hydraulic units, 3D models are generated beforehand which can be made available to you. From these you can plan earlier the field piping, possible foundations or building and also transport or other matters in detail.

For the drives of our hydraulic units we use standard electric motors with a power of up to 80 kW. On request the motors can also be equipped with a frequency converter.

As the valve technology, as well as the oil supply unit, are always subject to customer-specific requirements, limits are always hard to define here. As far as possible only two limits should not be exceeded, on the one hand a maximum volume flow of 275 l/min and on the other a maximum system pressure of 315 bar.

Furthermore we can offer you the supply of a complete system of cylinder and hydraulic unit to electric control.

If you a seeking a competent partner in the “complete solution” area, we will be glad to support you with our team.

Power Pack with control cabinet and the corresponding cylinders