Industries & References

Our knowledge increases daily by the production of hydraulic cylinders and components for various industries and fields of application.
... the demand on us is very high!

Whether it is the application on ships in aggressive media such as saltwater, in a hot environment and radiation in steel works, for safety-relevant control systems in supply-relevant power plants or dams, for critical power generators such as water and wind turbines and also in extremely high speed and powerful presses, ... with our combined design and production knowledge demanding drive systems are achievable.

Energy Supply

Hydraulic Engeneering  <
Wind Power  <
Storage Technology  <

Shipbuilding & Port

Salvage  <
Water Technology  <
Locks, Bridges  <

Mining & Constructions

Concrete Work  <
Construction & Demolition  <
Mobile Hydraulics  <
Raw Material Production  <
Tunneling Technology  <


Medical Technology


Railway Technology




Offshore & Marine


Food Technology


Construction of installations

> Hard Crushers (mills)
> Press Building (Recycling)
> Injection Moulding Machines
> Steel Mills


Energy Supply