RUHFUS Systemhydraulik - a proven partner in perfection and precision for more than 114 years!

Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH is a traditional company specializing in the customer-specific design and manufacture of complex hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems/ electric controls.

Product range

A quick look:

- Long slim hydraulic cylinders (up to 16m stroke)
- Large volume hydraulic cylinders (up to 1,200 mm piston diameter)
- Single- and double-acting telescopic cylinders (also anti-rotation)
- Plunger cylinder
- Stainless steel cylinder
- Rotationally symmetrical long parts (cylinder tubes, ready-to-install piston rods, columns, tie rods, rollers, axles etc.)

Complete, customized hydraulic systems, as an integration of cylinders, power units and electrical controls are also part of our scope of supply. In addition, demanding and high-precision contract work is also carried out on our own machines for many renowned mechanical engineering companies.
Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH is proud to be able to demonstrate an effective quality assurance system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 - 2015 since 1996.
Special approvals for supplying Deutsche Bahn and for special welding in accordance with DIN EN 3834-2 and AD 2000 clearly demonstrate the company's competence.