RUHFUS System Hydraulics has set itself the goal of ensuring that customer wishes and requirements are met by strictly adhering to the documented specifications in the management manual - always taking into account its own organisational goals and considering economic efficiency as well as all relevant aspects of safety, health and environmental protection.

The management system presented in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and the applicable laws, guidelines and ordinances documents the cooperation of all individual areas and all employees to achieve our objectives, which we have defined as follows:

  • We want satisfied customers - they set the standard for good quality work. Quality is the task of everyone - and therefore the task of each and every one of us.
  • Occupational safety and correct environmental behaviour have the same importance as development, production/assembly, maintenance, quality and costs.
  • We counteract possible hazards and risks, protect our employees, third parties, the environment and promote our economic efficiency by acting in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • We want continuous improvement. This is what we understand by this:
  1. To act in a customer-oriented manner
  2. Develop awareness of the problem and act accordingly
  3. To improve processes
  4. To set and maintain standards
  5. To detect and eliminate deviations
  6. Hazards and risks to persons and to minimize matters in the field of safety, health and environment
  7. To take into account and pass on experience
  • We not only want to eliminate current errors / risks / hazards, but also to eliminate their causes and possible future deviations
  • We want to support our suppliers in providing us with the materials/products in the form we need to achieve our goals
  • We want to set ourselves concrete, measurable goals every year and work intensively on achieving them

We see an important management task in the realisation of the goals set and regard their achievement as a joint obligation.

Measurable objectives are - periodically reviewed and revised if necessary - the content of the management evaluation and lead to the desired improvements in the company.