Over many years we have sought and developed partnerships in the field of surface coatings. Our cooperation partners know our technically and qualitywise high requirements in detail and have been able to prove their outstanding skills many times over.

In close cooperation with our partners we can offer you a variety of options for surface coartings:

  • Ruhfus 100-1, 100-2 Hard chromium (single-, double-, triple layer up to 400 µ und 1100 HV)
  • Ruhfus 100-3 Nickel/ Chrome
  • Ruhfus 100-4 Carbide-Nickel/ Chrome
  • Ruhfus 200 Gas Nitrating
  • Ruhfus 300-1 Ceramic
  • Ruhfus 300-2 Ceramic ULTRA
  • Ruhfus 400 Tungsten Carbide
  • Ruhfus 500 Inductive melting (Ni Chr Bo Si)
  • Ruhfus 600 cladding

Ceramic coating

Hard chromium plating