Plant construction

The international mechanical engineering industry, and of course the German one, is an economic driving force of the global economy. Press manufacturers, steelworks equipment suppliers, manufacturers of hard crushing mills, machine tool builders, plastics and die-casting machine manufacturers, ... many renowned manufacturers and "hidden champions" are supplied by Ruhfus with high-quality hydraulic cylinders, semi-finished products but also complete hydraulic systems.

We are grateful for this, ... we obviously have to do something right to win such customers.




Suspension cylinder to support the grinding rollers when crushing hard material

Raw materials in defined grain size are needed all over the world. Finest cement for the construction industry, coal dust for power generation, minerals for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In order to achieve the required quality, hard crushing plants (mills) are used.

Hydraulic cylinders are used to move and position the core of each mill, the rollers. These are highly stressed and have to work in the most diverse climatic and thermal conditions all over the world.

Ruhfus has a strong presence here too and is known as a partner of the milling industry.

Hard crushing machines

Coal, cement, clinker grinding with Ruhfus cylinders

Press construction

The term "press" is as varied as the application behind it. Forming presses, transfer presses, laminate and veneering presses, hydroforming presses, trimming presses, punching presses, baling presses, paper and PET presses...

Ruhfus is represented with a lot of know-how for all applications!


Cylinders must be highly resilient and equally sensitive in the "unlikely" environment of steel production.




Thrust cylinders - designed for a lifetime

Injection moulding machines

Injection moulding and die-casting machines require high-speed casting cylinders which are manufactured by Ruhfus for a wide range of pressures and applications.

High numbers of movements, fast cycles, long distances, high temperatures - these are the characteristics of cylinders in the injection moulding machine sector. Extremely fine and hard surfaces minimise wear and tear. Optimum bonding and oil flows ensure sensitive reactions.