Mining & Construction

Construction machinery works in harsh environments. Maintenance is as a rule an alien concept. However these machines and plants must do their job for many years “silently” and never tiring. Wear-resistant surfaces, low-maintenance sealing system, oversized weld seams and damping secure these requirements.

Ruhfus has been satisfying these requirements for many years. Here “know how” is the word!

Concrete Conveying & Concrete Work

Concrete is highly abrasive, caustic and corrosive. Consequently tubes and pumps used for conveying concrete must meet the highest requirements for wear and precision.

Concrete tubes (inside harded and partly inside thick-chrome-plated)






Cylinder and cylinder tubes for excavators, concrete cracker and concrete convegance

Construction Machinery & Demolition Technology

Here too Ruhfus has gained an excellent reputation in the manufacture of special cylinders for the special construction machinery sector. Our products can be found in the world’s largest land clearing excavator and also in demolition jaws and...

Mobil Hydraulics

Cylinders that are light, slim and trimmed to perfect weight/performance ratio are the be all and end all in mobile hydraulics.

Whether light-weight construction or as telescopic cylinder, here too Ruhfus can point to its extensive experience in design and manufacture.


Boom luffing cylinder for Mozambique

Raw Material Production

In clearing technology low-maintenance, stress-resistant and failure-free cylinders are expected.

With Ruhfus products this is a given. The largest excavator in the world was built with Ruhfus cylinders. Our cylinder and cylinder components can be found in the most well-known clearing equipment.

Tunneling Technology

Large tunnel boring machines are equipped with Ruhfus cylinders. There is good reason for this. Here robustness, durability and functioning under the most adverse conditions are required.